Outside Lands: Day 2

We only stayed for half the day today (I went against my former plan and am not staying for Sigur Ros, as they aren’t going on until nearly 9pm), but we did get to see a few great bands today, including a local “gypsy swing” band called Beso Negro, who were playing in this little hideaway in the woods:

The “gypsy swing” of Beso Negro

Soon after we headed over to the Panhandle stage (we seem to be checking out all the bands that hang out there) to check out Animal Kingdom that we really like. They were absolutely thrilled to be there, as they’d mentioned this was not only their first show in San Francisco, but their first show in California as well, and put on a fun and poppy performance:

Drummer Geoff Lea and singer/guitarist Richard Sauberlich having a grand time in the park

Bassist Hamish Crombie was smart enough to wear a hat in our SF weather!

After that show we headed over to the Sutro stage (where most of the folk groups are playing) to see The Be Good Tanyas, who had just gotten back together after a long hiatus and just came out with a new cd of old and new stuff. They played some wonderful folk including ‘The Littlest Birds’. I’d forgotten how great they are!

Samantha Parton, Frazey Ford and Trish Klein of the Be Good Tanyas

A little after that we headed back to the Panhandle stage to catch Michael Kiwanuka, who I hadn’t heard of but A. had heard a few times. He had a full band rather than being primarily acoustic, but he did put on a great show as well:

Michael Kiwanuka (center) and band grooving to his unique soul/folk hybrid of music.

And a few other pictures, just to show how many people were there today:

This one’s from near the front of the stage while watching the Be Good Tanyas:

A sea of humanity hanging in Lindley Meadow

But this one’s interesting…it’s a large crowd heading towards the Twin Peaks stage to go see Big Boi (aka the other half of Outkast), and pretty much what it was like down in the Polo Field last night:


Apparently it was for the best that we headed out early, as the crowds are supposed to be ridiculously large tonight for Metallica, Passion Pit and Sigur Ros, and despite me living about a half mile from the festival, it would have taken me forever to get home! We are looking forward to a few great headliners tomorrow too, with Birdy, Franz Ferdinand, Electric Guest, Santigold, Bloc Party, and Stevie Wonder. Looking forward to tomorrow!

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