New Sounds: Cosima

I love finding a new musician to latch onto.  Sometimes it’ll be a track that I’ve heard on the radio station I’m listening to.  Other times it’ll be a featured artist at a music blog.  And yes, sometimes it’ll even be a band that randomly started following me on Twitter.

It was an article from September in the music blog The Line of Best Fit that introduced me to Cosima, a singer from the UK whose songs are haunting but lovely in that Cocteau Twins-meets-Massive Attack sort of way.  I keep coming back to them, wanting to hear them again.

She’s just getting started — she’s only got a few singles and an EP out right now — but I highly recommend picking it all up, because it’s all phenomenal stuff.  Her new track “To Build a House” is her best yet.

Go and check out her music.  Highly recommended.

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