Which band should I blog about next?


The always excellent Johnny Marr, who I’ll be seeing in October!

I’ve been tempted to do another “blogging a band” series like I did with the Beatles a while back.  The original one was a lot of fun, as I was not only able to give the songs and albums a good solid listen, I was able to better understand their place in musical history — both their own, and within the larger scene.  And as a bonus, I was also able to learn a lot of new songs on my guitar!

I probably don’t know any band nearly as well as I know the Beatles, but I do own a lot of complete (or nearly complete) discographies of plenty of bands, or they’re easily available for streaming somewhere if I don’t.  I’ll be relearning their oeuvre right alongside you!

So, what do you think?  Here’s a shortlist so far of favorite 80s/90s bands I could possibly do:

–The Smiths
–The Cure
–Depeche Mode (continuing the by-the-decade theme)

I was also thinking of maybe continuing the Beatles theme by going through their solo output, either separately or all together chronologically.

Any votes/suggestions?

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