Fly-by: Sorry ’bout that.

I was so busy yesterday with getting back into the swing of things with my current novel WIPs that I completely forgot to prep a WIS post! My bad. I’m now finally (finally!) finished with the revision work for Diwa & Kaffi and will be sending that out soon enough. I’ve got a few active projects back up and running (and possibly yet another new one, at least in pre-production phase) (when they come thick and fast, I rarely ignore them so I don’t lose them) (I know, I KNOW).

On the plus side, I did finally create a few new mixtapes, as I’ve been woefully falling behind on those. I have two finished, one that just needs a proper track order, and two others that are open and awaiting more selections. So at least there’s that!

So yeah, sorry about that. I’ll be back next week with hopefully more things to say. I realize I forgot to post an April Playlist, plus I’ve got a few First Listen ideas on deck as well. Stay tuned!

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