Ends in Two: Favorite songs and albums of 2022 (Part IV)

By April I was working at my new job — not only working full time after two years, but back in retail after at least seventeen. Immediately I realized that while it might have been physically exhausting, mentally it was a walk in the park. Compared to the daily stresses of the Former Day Job, I knew I could stick with this one for a while and not have to ever return to that bullshit ever again. It also helped that my commute is a full eight blocks instead of thirty miles! It’s not the work-from-home I enjoyed so much in the past, but it’s a fair trade given how much I’ve come to enjoy it. And I get to listen to new music on my off hours!

EMF, GO GO SAPIENS, released 1 April. Now this was a band that no one expected to hear from again, given their last original album had been back in 1995. A welcome return to an underrated band unfairly judged on a one-hit wonder.

The Clockworks, The Clockworks EP, released 1 April. An EP from one of my favorite finds from last year? Yes, please!! I am so looking forward to more from this band as they sneak out new singles. Highly recommended!

Orville Peck, Bronco, released 8 April. Is he country? Is he alternative? is he alt-country? Whatever he may be, his style is a fascinating listen and he really does know how to write a great crooning love song.

Jack White, Fear of the Dawn, released 8 April. The first of two full records from the ex-White Stripes singer, he only seems to get better with each release.

Oceanator, Nothing’s Ever Fine, released 8 April. Elise Okusami’s quirky and catchy guitar-based tunes are all sorts of fun to listen to and well worth checking out.

Kae Tempest, The Line Is a Curve, released 8 April. They began releasing their fascinating beat style brand of pop and poetry, often gritty and frustrating, back in 2011 but their latest is a gem.

Wet Leg, Wet Leg, released 8 April. Speaking of spoken word, this duo hit the charts last year with the catchy and goofy “Chaise Longue” and followed it up with even more bonkers and irresistible alt-pop.

SAULT, AIR, released 15 April. The first of six (!!) albums to be released this year by this secretive yet incredibly prolific collective, they turn their attention away from their oddball R&B towards…classical? This one’s like a score for an unmade film and it threw quite a few fans, yet it only proves that they are exceptional musicians.

Hatchie, Giving the World Away, released 22 April. Their sophomore album is just as bouncy and fun as 2019’s Keepsake, which was one of my favorites of that year.

Fontaines DC, Skinty Fia, released 22 April. This band continues to be in its own little universe of strange yet captivating songs. Whether they’re spoken, sung or both, they’re never boring.

Bloc Party, Alpha Games, released 29 April. Always a fascinating band that can be twitchy one track and calm the next, they’ve always released great records that are excellent from start to finish.

Röyksopp, Profound Mysteries, released 29 April. This Norwegian duo always surprises me, as their releases can range from full-on chillwave electronica to laid back synth contemplation. This — the first of a three-volume set — blew me away with their great single “Impossible” with the always lovely Alison Goldfrapp on vocals. Definitely on my top ten of the year.


Coming next week: May through July!

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