Weekend Fly-By

Oof!  Yeah, still working on the final revision/edit of The Persistence of Memories, and it’ll be another few weeks before I can give myself a breather.  The soft release date at the moment is “sometime mid-April”, but I’ll let you all know more as soon as I have more concrete plans!  At present I’m THISCLOSE (translation: about forty or so pages) to finishing the revision/edit, I’ve made a quick mock-up of the cover (which you can see at Welcome to Bridgetown).  Once the edit’s done, then comes the formatting and the uploading.   And then FINALLY I can get back to a normal schedule again.  [That is, until I start the same process once more with The Balance of Light.  Whee!]

In the meantime, I’ve been on a School of Seven Bells kick lately, partly due to their release of their last album, SVIIB (recorded just before Benjamin Curtis passed away).  Jangly shoegazey goodness that kind of reminds me of Lush with a bit of Stereolab mixed in.  Enjoy!

See you soon!

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