Fly-By: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

Oof–Sorry for the huge gap in updating, folks! It’s been one hell of a crazy month and a half, as I’ve been quite busy with all sorts of things:

–As you know, Q4 tends to be all sorts of wacky in whatever job you’re in, and my job is no different. There’s only so many hours in a day, and unfortunately WiS had been squeezed out of the equation.
–I’ve been focusing primarily on my newest fiction project Two Thousand;
–I took part in Inktober and got nearly to the end before it too got squeezed out, but not before it re-awoke my long-dormant love for drawing. I now own some pretty nifty art pens that I shall be using more often.
–I’ve also been squeaking in some extra personal journaling that’s putting a lot of thoughts and ideas into order.

So! What does all this mean? Where am I going from here? What’s the plan, Stan?

Okay, let’s see what we have:

1. Some semblance of scheduling for posting. At present I’ve scheduled the weekends for WiS and WtBT updates, as I seem to have more time then.
2. A wider range of things to post about. I’ll still be talking music here as always, but I think I’d like to, shall we say, expand my palate. Talk about different genres other than my beloved college radio or stuff wot I listened to while writing.
3. Maybe utilizing the internal editor a bit more. Certainly I try not to write epic posts about whatever I’m in the mood to write about, though that doesn’t always happen. I tend to write very beefy articles by default. I’d like to try shorter passages as well. [This would also give me reason to write more articles during the week, as I wouldn’t be spending nearly as much time on them.]

I also have a few other ideas floating around…maybe another Blogging the [band] series? New Release reviews? Bargain Bin Finds? About Collecting Music? Request Line (suggest I write about a band/song/etc.)? We shall see.

There’s also the fact that I only got about halfway with my Britpop Meme posts before I got sidetracked. I promise I shall continue that as well.

Thank you for your patience! We shall (hopefully) have another update this weekend!