It is 5am and you are listening to Los Angeles

As I’ve mentioned on various outlets, I’ll be on a solo vacation next week, heading south to Los Angeles on a six-day trip to various parts of the SoCal Sprawl. I’m hoping to hit my usual favorite haunts: Amoeba Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, LACMA and Museum Row, The Nickel Diner,The Last Bookstore, among others… as well as some points of interest (musical and otherwise) that I’ve been wanting to hit: a movie at Graumann’s (or whatever it’s called now), Griffith Observatory (if it’s open), Echo Park, Sunset Grill (a favorite Don Henley song!), The Sunset Strip, McCabe’s Guitar Shop, and other fun places. I’m even going to check out the Warner Bros movie lot!

So of course I have a playlist to upload to my mp3 player for the trip…. ūüôā

Vacation Tunage

We’re heading out to London in a week and a half, and my mind is on two things:

1) I need to prep my In My Blue World and Bridgetown Trilogy freebie cards for when we head to Worldcon immediately upon return, and

2) What should I put on my mp3 players?

Yes, while most other sane people in this world prepare for a vacation with more mundane concerns such as what to pack, what they’d like to see and do once at their destination, and so on, my addled brain almost always goes to ‘I need to bring stuff to listen to.’¬† [Mind you, I¬†do think of what to pack, just that I usually take care of that in the space of an hour a day or so before we go — I always remember the things I must bring like my passport and any show tickets, and¬†anything I end up forgetting probably wasn’t needed to begin with.]

For these long flights, I usually fill up both mp3 players.¬† The Zen player is for recent releases and compilations, so that’s easy to update.¬† The SanDisk one, on the other hand, can be tricky.¬† That one is my writing mp3 player.¬† I’ve also gotten into a habit of putting (almost) complete discographies on that one, as I can get through three or four albums in the process.¬† I already have The Beatles on there (both the mono and stereo box sets from 2009, plus a few compilations), and ELO as well (primarily due to work on In My Blue World), but I still have lots of space left.

So…what band’s discography should I put on there?¬† Should I go old school and put on Cocteau Twins or The Smiths?¬† Should I do something new and put on Pinkshinyultrablast or GoGoPenguin?¬† I’ll have to think about this some.

Any suggestions, of course, are quite welcome!

Fly-By: Upcoming Stuff

Hey there!¬† We’ll be on vacation starting very soon, so the next few weeks are going to be filled with quite a few fly-bys and short entries, depending on if I have the time and bandwidth.¬† Sorry for not providing you with something of substance in the next few weeks! We’ll be back up to normal most likely by mid-August.

In the meantime, have a Cornelius track.¬† It’s his first album in I think a decade or so, and it’s all kinds of excellent and worth checking out.

WiS: Autumn in Massachusetts

Yay, we’re on vacation! ¬†We’re spending a week in Massachusetts, half in my hometown to visit family and friends in the Pioneer Valley, and half in Boston to see the sights and visit our friends in the metro area. ¬†We of course are heading out at the point in the year so we can hopefully see some foliage as well, and remember what stupidly cold days feel like.

Our last visit to the area was in April of last year, so it’s been a good year and a half. ¬†I know things have changed in the ol’ hometown (new storefronts, a high-end renovation/expansion of the town library), so it’ll be interesting to see.

I have also packed my fancy camera so I can take many pictures. ¬†Many of these will most likely be source and reference material for Walk in Silence. ¬†I’m also bringing a few notebooks to scribble notes, thoughts and memories as they come. ¬†This will definitely help me kickstart the WiS project into its final stretch. ¬†And if I can get a good photo for a cover, all the better!

So yes, if you don’t see me here for a week, I’ll just say I’m doing research. ¬†Heh.

London never sleeps, it just sucks the life out of me and the money from my pocket

Warning: May Contain High Amounts of Britpop.

Warning: May Contain High Amounts of Classic Ska and Britpop.

We have returned home, albeit about six hours later than expected, due to missing our connecting flight, the illogical checking through US Customs while in Toronto, and an incredibly frustrating and nonsensical argument at one of the help desks. ¬†But I won’t go into that. ¬†I will mention, however, that we finally got back to the apartment at 1am PT this morning (after waking in London at around 7:30am UTC), so that means we’d been up and awake for…um…20 hours? ¬†Maybe? ¬†Either way, we both decided to stay awake instead of attempting to sleep for six or so hours. ¬†So yeah…not quite loopy (yet), but my inner clock has no idea what time or day it is right now.

That said… As you can see above, our London trip was a success on many levels…many sights seen, a few great friends met up with, many beers and pub food had, and way too many pictures taken. ¬†The above cd stash is courtesy of Sister Ray¬†in Soho and Rough Trade in Notting Hill, two great music stores well worth searching out. ¬†Sister Ray is probably my favorite — it’s not huge, but it’s got an excellent selection, very well kept, and the workers there are quite friendly and knowledgeable.

My main goal for import shopping, as is evident, was cheaply-priced reissues. ¬†I believe the average price for the Catatonia and Specials cds were ¬£12, and the Wedding Present cds were slightly more — translating to about $18 and $20 USD each. ¬†Not bad, considering they’re all two or three cd sets costing about six dollars more before tax on Amazon. ¬†I’m still missing 3 Weddoes titles, but I think I can find those relatively easily on Amazon UK. ¬†Still — it added up rather quickly, so I may have to tighten my belt for a little while!

[Noted, London didn’t so much suck the life out of me as it drained me of energy. ¬†It’s a very walkable city and OH BOY did we walk all over creation! ¬†I shall be posting pictures of our trip eventually over at my Tumblr blog, and may post some music-related pictures here.]