The Persistence of Memories is NOW AVAILABLE!

We interrupt our usual obsessive music blog entries with some important news:

tpom 032316 take 2
The Persistence of Memories
is now available!!

Here are some fine online establishments where you can purchase the ebook:


Barnes & Noble



Don’t forget to support your local bookstore! If they sell e-books, go ahead and download from their website! Here are a few of my favorite local bookstores where you can buy it:

Copperfield’s Books

Green Apple Books

Books Inc


Thank you for your support! 🙂



A DIVISION OF SOULS is also STILL FREE! Want to get caught up first before jumping in? Head over to B&N, Kobo or Smashwords (or hey, even NoiseTrade) and download the first book, and your reading list is good to go!

Welcome to Bridgetown: Ask me anything!

I’m starting a backlog of writing-themed posts for my Bridgetown blog. What would you like to know?

I’m up for anything–my writing process, where I get the ideas, what the trilogy is about, the ins and outs of alien life in the future, weird things, goofy things, fun things…anything!

Feel free to leave your query in the comments section of this here post, or you can email them to me at jon.p.chaisson (at) gmail (dot) com.