Update for Today 1: I have a shiny new book!

Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a music post coming up later today! Now that things have finally quieted down some for me, it’s time to get started on the weekly music posts again!

But first, check it: I just released my first novel today!

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Barnes & Noble
Also available in iBook (through iTunes) and other fine establishments, including your local brick-and-mortar bookstores that carry e-books on their websites!

It’s not available on Amazon just yet (there’s a few hurdles I need to jump over first), but the Smashwords site does offer the mobi format, so Kindle users are not left out. 🙂

It’s also not yet available as a trade paperback, but I will be working towards that within the next month or so.  Stay tuned for details!


Heh.  Okay, I promise I’ll try to keep the shameless plugging to a minimum from now on.  I’ve set up a “Buy Stuff” page here at WiS, which I hope to fill up with other lovely novel and nonfic projects I have in store for the future.  And don’t forget to come over and visit my writing blog, Welcome to Bridgetown, if you are so inclined!

Stay tuned for a music post later today!

Fly-by and Shameless Plug Time!

Yeah, best laid plans and all that…I had some interesting ideas to toy with for a new post, but kind of got distracted by my Great Office Cleanup Project.  In short, I decided that my old arrangement of printed manuscripts on the bottom shelf (and partially blocked by a file box) and unsorted piles of stuff on the shelf above wasn’t working.  What I thought would take one day ended up taking both Saturday and Sunday, as the cleanup also included the partially obscured bookcase next to the loveseat, the four small storage boxes next to the desk, and the rest of the tall black bookshelf.

All told, I got rid of about twenty ancient spiral notebooks, most of them over a decade old, that I haven’t used in ages–I ripped out what few pages I did use and sorted them into their proper piles and threw the remains in the recycling.  There’s also a box full of stuff that can either be shredded or tossed, and one final smaller box of non-writing personal bits and bobs that I need to sort through.  I reorganized by putting all related project stuff together, putting trunked and unimportant projects down on the bottom shelf, and current projects up on the second.  All poetry and journals are together on another shelf, and all the reference books are up on top.  In short, it’s still a bit messy, but at least I know where the hell everything is now!

We shall return to our regularly scheduled writing this week, and I’m planning to get another post out ASAP. Thanks again for your patience!


That said…


Please check out the Kickstarter for Decomposure’s latest possible album project!

I’m plugging his project for two three reasons:

1.  I’m a big fan of his music, and it’s worth checking out, especially 2012’s Eating Chicken.  He’s done everything from experimental sound textures to lovely balladry to quirky angular pop.  He’s quite the excellent songwriter and I love what he’s done creatively.

2. I like the idea he came up with for this current project, as it’s got some parallels to what I’m doing here with Walk in Silence, by revisiting his childhood via roadtrip and writing an album about it.  I’m quite curious as to how this will unfold and would love to hear new music from him.

3.  Like many creative people, he actually records music as a labor of love, as he actually has a full-time career outside of the music field.  I’ll pay forward to anyone who’s that dedicated to their craft.

So yeah–check it out, and give him some love and cash if you can! 🙂

Link/Shameless Plug: Bass playing and other fun musical things

Hey there!

Do me a solid and head on over to my bud Mark Stratton’s blog Aggaspletch (yeah, I’m not sure either, but I like onomatopoeia, so there you go).  He’s got a nifty iPod Challenge series going over there, and that there link is to a guest post about bass playing written by yours truly (yay me!).  He’s got quite the eclectic tastes in music, but he knows his stuff and he’s a great writer to boot.  So check it out!