We Are All One

When the world brings us down or drives us crazy, we try to find temporary reprieves to help us recharge so we can face it again. For me, that reprieve has always been music. It”s helped me find clarity when my brain and emotions are in overdrive, it’s inspired me to find new ways to face tough situations. (Not to mention its near-constant ability to inspire my writing!)

One of my favorite ways of taking this break over the years has been watching the music videos of World Order. It’s the brainchild of musician/goodwill ambassador/former mixed martial artist and kickboxer Genki Sudo. Their visual style is that of business suits and robotic movement, hinting at the stereotype of the lifeless Japanese businessman. The music itself is pop-idol dance, but it fits their visuals so perfectly that it’s hard not to love them.

Their videos are always such a joy to watch; they’re clever and creative, and they always provide a positive message even in the face of adversity, which happens to be Genki Sudo’s motto: We Are All One. Enjoy! And stay for the end of the videos, as they nearly always leave us with a nice easter egg.

Bonus: I do love that they even wrote a song about a certain “leader”… ūüėČ

Fly-By: Still here, still rockin’ out, just super busy

Hey gang! ¬†Sorry to keep you waiting for another¬†WiS blog update, but in the past few weeks I’ve given myself a ridiculously tight deadline: ¬†I will, with Best Laid Plans finally coming to fruition, be self-releasing Book I of the Bridgetown Trilogy in the Mendaihu Universe (aka¬†A Division of Souls). ¬†I am doing nearly all the work myself: the final line edit, the e-book cover, the formatting, the uploading to the e-pub site, and so on. ¬†The deadline I’ve given myself is 8/20, with the drop date of the book being 3 September.

In other words, I’m going to be stupidly busy in the next couple of weeks. ¬†I’ll be scarce here, but once it’s released, I should have more time to entertain and educate you here at this here blog.

In the meantime, here’s some tunage that’s been on heavy rotation here in Joncworld to tide you over. ¬†See you soon!